Bangladesh three long sessions away from Test series victory over India

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Relatively speaking. Escape with a draw and that’s basically a win for the tourists, isn’t it? And being as it’s a one Test series, that would also mean a Bangladesh series victory. Again, relatively speaking.

Three sessions seems an awful long time when you’ve only got seven wickets left though. Three fifth day sessions. Three fifth day sessions with R Ashwin bowling at you. When you’re Bangladesh.

So, in other words India are seven wickets away from victory. In fact, being as most of you will read this on the daily email which won’t go out until mid-morning on Monday, check the scorecard – India have probably won.

It’ll be funny if they don’t though. All these big India tours this season and Bangladesh were the ones who stood the best chance of escaping with a draw.


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  1. Bangladesh have played well too. Decent batting let down by horrible fielding. Had they not let so many chances go in the field, this match could have been a lot closer.

    Mushfiqur reminds me a bit of Mahela in the way his neck seems to disappear when in his batting stance.

      1. Indeed, Small must be the most cervically-challenged cricketer ever to have played International cricket.

        Gosh, this is exciting test cricket.

  2. it seems Bangladesh are the first visiting team, since 2013, to score more than 300 after India’s first innings. impressive batting achievement by Bangladesh and also gives hope to Australia who are visiting next to India.

    1. YES, if there is anything that warms the cockles in this current doldrums of English test cricket then this is it – it’s Australia looking at this match and thinking ‘well if Bangladesh can (kinda) do it… so can we!’

  3. I assumed this was the winter tours tri-series final? Why else would it be only a single test? Well done to India on their victory – fully deserved on balance.

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