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Over the years, we’ve firmly positioned ourself in the Bangladesh-aren’t-shit camp. This is partly because there are fewer people in this camp and that always appeals to us. Mostly it’s because the Bangladesh-aren’t-quite-as-shit-as-you-say-they-are camp doesn’t exist though. You’ve got to pick a side and we’ve chosen ours.

Our normal approach to covering Bangladesh is to big them up when they’re good and to write about something else when they’re bad. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find something else to write about and today we’ve been landed in it. Bangladesh have been poor since the second day of the series against India, they’re showing no signs of improving and pretty soon we’re going to have to acknnowledge that fact.

Will someone please send us a picture of a cricket bat in an unusual place or something. If nothing comes in, we’re going to be left with two choices: writing about Bangladesh being shit in contradiction of our official editorial stance on the issue, or writing about David Sales feeling a bit better and maybe playing cricket again this season.

We’re pretty sure the second one doesn’t count as news, even on a website that’s previously reported on Jim Foat about 30 years after he retired.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Who says that tempting fate with a scheduled post never pays dividends?

    What’s that? No-one says that?

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye out for cricket bats in unusual places, but it’s been a bit of a struggle.

    The closest i’ve come is one hanging on the wall of a pub up the road from me in Edinburgh. But as the Scot’s play cricket to a ‘standard’ I decided that wasn’t particulary unusual.

  3. We’re sure it would pass muster when accompanied by a bit of local colour.

    Take a picture and then tell us what beers the pub sells. That’s more than exciting enough for a King Cricket post.

  4. Seeing the Banglas are doing OK for a one day match (pity it’s a test match) you could always write about Biffa Bacon Smith’s desire to be a more powerful cap’n than DantheMan – out with the selection board and the manager and Biff to rule the world

  5. Biff to rule the world!?!!.

    I think I would rather bite the bullet and talk about Bangladesh being not quite as good as the Bangladesh-aren’t-shit camp usually say they are.

  6. A recurring theme in this pathetic series has been one Bangla fellow producing a decent inning and the rest of them going down as readily as a cheap whore. You want cricket bats in unusual places? Take a screenshot of Imrul Kayes batting.

  7. I’d really appreciate some news on how David sales is feeling and the extent to which he might or might not play cricket in 2010.

  8. He is feeling ‘better’ and will probably play this season.

    That’s all you’re getting.

  9. We’ll leave it there in honour of your eagle eye.

    Eagles are good at proofreading, right?

  10. Yet again Bangladesh tantelise with a decent partnership and then collapse in a heap.

    Those of us who supported England through the 90s and also who tend to back the underdog will be all too familiar with the symptoms.

    But it seems to me, with England’s next 4 tests in a row being against Bangladesh, that it is becoming increasingly likely that Bangladesh will pull off their first big surprise against a major team (apols to Zim and WI but neither of you rate as major in my book just now) in a test match against England in the next few months.

  11. I suggest that Bangla go the Sri Lanka way. They have all the tools in place. Create extremely dead pitches for fast bowlers that take vicious turn from day one. And employ lots of batsmen. Finally, your fast bowlers will figure out that the only way to bowl in Bangla-land is to bowl quick (a la Dilhara Fernando) bowl a lot (a la Chaminda Vaas) or bowl freaky fast (a la Malinga). It’ll also help if you find some sloggers and give them an extended run (a la Jayasuriya).

    And you’ll always get the usual decent spinners who can win a match for you once in a while. Slowly over time, once you make the move from toygers to tigers, you can start thinking about preparing more sporting pitches.

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