England finally lose to Bangladesh

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Bangladesh are reasonably content with the result

That’s that out of the way then. Up until yesterday, England had won every match they’d ever played against Bangladesh. Not any more.

Is it a good thing that Bangladesh won? Unquestionably. Why? Well some of our friends were at the match in Bristol yesterday and one pointed out that this match was infinitely more entertaining than last year’s one-day international against West Indies – a day-nighter that never saw night.

That’s it in a nutshell. Sport is about competition. This individual match was closely competed, the result means the series as a whole will be close and it also means Bangladesh cricket is more competitive in broader terms.

And don’t anyone dare say “it’s the kick up the arse England needed to keep them from complacency”. England weren’t complacent. They were beaten.


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  1. Wise words, your majesty.

    But would Bangladesh have won if the one-legged Ian Bell had got the strike at any point in those dying moments. Your subjects need your opinion on this matter.

  2. I thought England were a bit casual in both games so far, mainly with their fielding.

    I do agree that Bangladesh were worthy winners, and won the game rather than England threw it away.

    But was it not complacent, or maybe disrespectful to rest Graeme Swann, presumably thinking he wouldn’t be needed?

    They are now in a situation where they could look very stupid if they lose the series tomorrow.

  3. England were playing with 10 men vs 11 men. I can guess the response now, “England should beat Bangladesh without Bell”. Well maybe they should, but that doesn’t change that cricket is meant to be played 11 v 11 and Bangladesh haven’t managed to beat England without the handicap of having an extra player.

  4. Yes, BD deserved to win.England were complacent with some very sloppy fielding at times.Shahzad,Wright and Broad manged to get themselves out by stupid shots when all they needed was run at a time.Yesterday’s Observer mentions Bell batting but he didn’t get a chance.
    Yes,a thoroughly entertaining day aided by Vil and Rach’s excellent picnic goodies.

  5. I was going to go, but I’m a bit skint at the moment and the tickets were nearly 50 quid. Shame really, it sounded good. I was suppsed to meet up with some mates afterwards, but they got too drunk at the match and forgot to phone me.

  6. @Miriam
    No – not a bag in sight. Just happily strolling along Goosegate.
    Perhaps it was just the beginning of a long happy shopping trip for both of them.
    Perhaps if I’d been stalking him later, I would have found him sitting miserably outside the changing rooms at M&S….

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