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Thoughts about the media coverage of Craig Kieswetter have been bubbling inside us for a while like Dave’s Insanity Sauce in an otherwise empty stomach.

Rather than terrify you all with more than four sentences in a row, we decided it was probably better if we evacuated our system over at the Wisden Cricketer where it’s perfectly acceptable to write more than 100 words on one subject.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. I’m a keen Venn diagram man myself, KC, believe me, but I do not see the “venndiagramability” of the example you

  2. It’s groups of cricketers: English wicketkeepers constitute one group; wicketkeepers who are aggressive with the bat form another; and aggressive South African-born batsmen are a third.

    Kieswetter’s in all three groups.

  3. I see.

    On that basis, presumably Matt Prior and Nic Pothas are in the same tiny intersection along with Craig Kieswetter.

    That’s the problem with thos epesky Venn diagrams – the intersection, when you draw them, is usually too small for all the gubbins you eventually realise fits inside the intersection.

    Still a fan though.

    Of KC and Venn diagrams.

  4. Don’t think those two really fit the KP box, despite their places of birth.

    Plus there was that string of well-timed scores. That gave the story/stories impetus.

  5. We haven’t had a thread about boxes for yonks. Is Matt Prior too big or too small for KP’s box?

  6. How often do we have box-related threads? What was the last one?

    We should definitely up the frequency.

  7. It’s a shame Suave appears to have stopped blogging. This kind of betrayal encourages republican tendencies in even the biggest King Cricket fan.

    I came here from the RSS feed, and dutifully clicked the Wisden link. How many actual non-hypothetical Venn Diagrams did I see? None.

    Why couldn’t the boffins at Wisden have knocked up something approaching this quality for you?

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