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Thoughts about the media coverage of Craig Kieswetter have been bubbling inside us for a while like Dave’s Insanity Sauce in an otherwise empty stomach.

Rather than terrify you all with more than four sentences in a row, we decided it was probably better if we evacuated our system over at the Wisden Cricketer where it’s perfectly acceptable to write more than 100 words on one subject.


  1. I’m a keen Venn diagram man myself, KC, believe me, but I do not see the “venndiagramability” of the example you

  2. It’s groups of cricketers: English wicketkeepers constitute one group; wicketkeepers who are aggressive with the bat form another; and aggressive South African-born batsmen are a third.

    Kieswetter’s in all three groups.

  3. I see.

    On that basis, presumably Matt Prior and Nic Pothas are in the same tiny intersection along with Craig Kieswetter.

    That’s the problem with thos epesky Venn diagrams – the intersection, when you draw them, is usually too small for all the gubbins you eventually realise fits inside the intersection.

    Still a fan though.

    Of KC and Venn diagrams.

  4. Don’t think those two really fit the KP box, despite their places of birth.

    Plus there was that string of well-timed scores. That gave the story/stories impetus.

  5. We haven’t had a thread about boxes for yonks. Is Matt Prior too big or too small for KP’s box?

  6. How often do we have box-related threads? What was the last one?

    We should definitely up the frequency.

  7. It’s a shame Suave appears to have stopped blogging. This kind of betrayal encourages republican tendencies in even the biggest King Cricket fan.

    I came here from the RSS feed, and dutifully clicked the Wisden link. How many actual non-hypothetical Venn Diagrams did I see? None.

    Why couldn’t the boffins at Wisden have knocked up something approaching this quality for you?

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