Craig Kieswetter – yes or no?

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Craig Kieswetter gets yet another article about him

We might as well do our usual thing of formalising our fence-sitting position.

Our initial feelings when Somerset wicketkeeper, Craig Kieswetter, started eating up column inches was: ‘No, not another one. Too many wicketkeepers!’

Everyone’s got a favourite wicketkeeper to push and we hate it. No-one can make an informed decision when eight different players are being championed by various people. It’s the same with seam bowlers. Just how many 85mph seam bowlers who can supposedly bowl reverse swing does one nation need?

Anyway, Matt Prior’s batting and keeping well in Test cricket. Let’s leave him be. In one-day internationals, we kind of see the benefit of Kieswetter, because Prior’s never got to grips with that form of the game.

There you go. There’s our official stance in all its muddy, inconclusive glory. Really, we should have a cull of England-qualified wicketkeepers and save everyone from a lot of boring arguments.


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  1. I would rather he concentrated on getting his FC game in order so that he was ready for test cricket in the near future.

    BUT, his playing for England will seriously annoy Graham Smith so the sooner we get him in the better

  2. No.

    It is beginning to look like our primary way of finding talent is by importing South African schoolboys. Whats wrong with county cricket to mean it can’t do the same?

    Still think he is class and won’t be protesting too much.

    I’ll have my cake and eat it please.

  3. Yes. The man is a class act, and far better than Davies or Colonel Mustard. However his figures are given a lift by the batting paradise at Taunton, and he’s not a challenger for the Test side, not unless he cements a place in the ODI side for the next year or so.

    On the residency issue, who gives a toss where he grew up? There’s no reason for any team in any sport to just disregard residency laws and select based on some vague prejudice.

  4. Despite all your declarations to the contrary KC, you have expressed a clear, coherent and unambiguous opinion on this matter.
    Frankly, I’m disgusted.

  5. “In one-day internationals, we kind of see the benefit of Kieswetter”

    It’s hardly fists-clenched, shouting-from-the-rooftops stuff, is it?

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