Andrew Strauss hits sixes

13 sixes in 106 one-day international innings and then he hits five during one knock. Andrew Strauss’s six-hitting has gone up a notch.

It’s now at notch one.

Not sure what notch Shahid Afridi’s up to, but he’s hit 272 one-day international sixes. Afridi’s probably not got much time for notches though, so it doesn’t really matter.

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2 Appeals

  1. Given that Strauss has increased his six-hitting by nearly 40% in one match, by my calculations, he only needs another ten matches to surpass Afridi if he continues at the same rate.

    I’m looking forward to the tenth match when he hits 90 sixes to claim the world record.

  2. Is Strauss the new Flintoff (he says with tongue firmly in cheek)?

    He did better than six with us – he got a nine!
    England marks out of ten for Bangladesh ODI series

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