Tours of Bangladesh are real tours

“They can’t beat us in Test matches. They can surprise you in ODIs but not in Tests.”

So said Virender Sehwag about Bangladesh before his side fell to 213-8 on the first day. Presumably Sehwag saw this coming as well as an almost infinitely better second innings in which India will declare. Seems a very specific prediction.

In 2006, Australia turned up in Bangladesh not needing any warm-up matches. After conceding 427, they promptly fell to 93-6 in reply before Adam Gilchrist saved them. They got away with it, but they had to chase 307 to win.

The moral of these stories is when you’re about to tour Bangladesh, don’t be cocky knobheads about it.

England think they can’t be beaten. They’re resting players, assuming they’ll win. We’ve written about it more at The Wisden Cricketer.

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9 Appeals

  1. Oh come on, KC, Sehwag is the only cricketer around who speaks his mind. A bit of old-fashioned cockiness is what cricket, which is forever condemning Test Cricket to death and condemning T20s, needs. Frankly, I wouldn’t have watched too much of this match if Sehwag hadn’t said that!

    However, resting the captain is totally uncalled for!

  2. King Cricket

    January 18, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    That’s true, but Sehwag, like Australia in 2006, is just an example.

    Our point is really that England get fed this view of the cricketing world and buy into it without much question. No matter what they actually say, they think they’ll win easily in Bangladesh.

  3. Bangladesh are now 59/3, losing three wickets in 3 overs. Barring Shakib Al Hassan, their bowling is terrible. Batting is better, but not by much.

  4. What I was trying to say was that assuming we get a full game, Sehwag will be proved right.

  5. Bangladesh are the Hyundai of cricket. Quite good really, but not quite the resale value of a Honda or a Toyota (Australia, South Africa). What they need is a marketing gimmick like Hyundai’s Assurance Program:

    What I need is coffee.

  6. This game will not be completed because of bad light and fog and in the next one Sehwag will promptly hit the fastest triple century AGAIN and prove who is the boss.

    England may struggle against the spinners in bangladesh so they should be taking their best batsmen there but are their batsmen in England who are good against spin?

  7. I am amused….why are you KC imploring England not to underestimate Bangladesh. Why can’t you see this as Andrew Strauss chicken-ing out of a tricky tour? My money is on Bangladesh winning and I will refuse to call it an upset. England are an ordinary side, made to look ok by a win over a waning Australian side, Monty Panesar and Onions. Outside of that, Bangladesh at home, should be hands down favorites to win against England

  8. Wouldn’t call Banglasdesh favourites and it would be an upset if they won.

    Agree though that England are ordinary most of the time, and have got a horrible feeling this tour is an accident waiting to happen.

    With Strauss not going they have already confirmed they don’t rate Bangladesh, and that they think they only need to turn up to win.

  9. Many of you are saying england are underestimating Bangladesh. That Strauss’s decision to seek rest is an indicator for that. I think you are doing the very thing you are admonishing.

    Strauss has a dirty feeling for this tour. Its a no win tour for him. If he wins, people will say “so what?”. If he loses, he would be a laughing stock. It makes no sense for him to go.

    In fact by not going, he is giving Bangladesh the respect you ask of England to give.

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