Virender Sehwag wins two matches

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Sehwag's bandana of piracyIndia couldn’t have won the first Test without Sachin Tendulkar’s contribution, but we’re a great believer in sportsfolk affecting the opposition and influencing matches that way.

We wrote about how Virender Sehwag’s approach to batting turns bowlers into smeared-panted long-hop machines, but we reckon he transformed the whole England side into a defensive outfit who could then be conquered by other batsmen. We’d go so far as to say that if a different batsman had opened and scored the same number of runs as Sehwag, England would have won.

Most strikingly England’s opening bowlers are irreparably damaged, but the whole team’s been knocked down a few notches and we’d be surprised if they could muster the confidence and the will to attack that would be vital if they were to win the second Test.

People often mistake outward confidence for the real thing and think that positive talk actually helps, but in reality all that’s near worthless. If two opponents both believe that they’ll win, one will be proved wrong. If only one side believes that they’ll win, it’s no contest.

Speaking about Sehwag, Andrew Strauss said:

“He plays a game most people are unfamiliar with. He almost manipulates the field. You change it and it’s like he says: ‘Right, I’m going to hit it somewhere else now’.”

Do England believe that they can the better of Sehwag if they say that about him?

India dropped Virender Sehwag once. Mental.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. re: dropping sehwag.. It was when he was taking things too easy, and just seemed like he didn’t care if he played well or not.

    Like Zaheer and Harbhajan and Munaf since, it has worked wonders for his commitment and enthu towards the game.

  2. Au contraire, Sehwag was dropped because Indian selectors confused ODI form with test form. The former was bad at the time for Sehwag, not so much the latter.

  3. True. It was the Indian administicunts blaspheming the GOD of Sehwagology based on his ODI form. One hopes they have learned their lesson. Though, murderous as the God of Sehwagology can be in the arena, he’s a benevolent one off it.

  4. If Sehwag is turning our bowlers into long-hop machines, why not pick a specialist long-hop machine?

    Let’s recall Chris Schofield!

  5. Its incredible to see what Sehwag does to bowlers, he reduces their confidence and instills more on his own batsmen.

    Only a true God can do such a thing.

    More of the same please.

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