Virender Sehwag’s batting average

Sehwag plays a shot in his classy eight off 12 deliveriesAfter this latest hundred, Virender Sehwag has a Test batting average of 53.52. That’s very high, but in this day and age, not outlandishly so.

You expect Sehwag to average more than that. This is largely because when he’s in form, he’s REALLY in form. He scores twice as quickly as everyone else and seems no more likely to get out, so you imagine he’ll average twice as much. He’s also prone to Ultimate Boot Filling – he’s not a man to lose concentration when he reaches his hundred.

So why does he only (only!) average 53.52?

Well, put it this way, which is more memorable, a Virender Sehwag double hundred or a Virender Sehwag 15?

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13 Appeals

  1. His strike rate is over 80 for pity’s sake! That makes his batting average simply awesome IMHO.

  2. Well, the 15 has a strike rate of 375.

  3. Piffle. Did you see him give his wicket away? Dreadful shot. I’d rather have Bopara.

  4. The 7000 odd runs he has scored divided by the number of “out” innings he has batted so far equals 53.52. That’s how the man himself would answer this questions. Its really not that complicated.

  5. Good to see you’ve managed to pay the bills O’ King. Was beginning to worry you’d have to raise some taxes from us serfs.

  6. King Cricket

    February 16, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    The site was down because our web hosting company decided it would be down. Don’t worry, we never owed them a penny, so we’re not going to start charging or owt.

    That’s just the way web hosting works. Sometimes they take your site down to get on your nerves. Sometimes they delete stuff (maybe even the whole site).

    One thing’s for certain though. They will ALWAYS say that nothing happened or that it was your fault.

  7. Sutcliffe

    These are the only three players to have played 40+ tests as opener and to average more than Sehwag.

  8. He averages so low because he feels sorry for the bowlers. What a nice lad..

  9. Sehwag’s greatest contribution to the world is keeping people from thinking about Hayden in any sort of favourable way.

  10. sehwag is one of the great batsman in the world cricket. No one can predict how much he scored.
    but he entertined india no.. no..whole world

  11. Interesting but useless fact – when they come out to bat, the man at the other end to Viru averages more than he does.

  12. world cup winner VIRENDER SEHWAG
    any question

  13. sehwag is match winner batsman any quation

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