Another reason to love Tamim Iqbal

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What is Bill Gates best known for?

If you answered ‘being the happiest man in the world’ then have 100 points and go and sit with Tamim Iqbal.

Speaking about his Lord’s hundred after he was named one of Wisden’s Cricketers of the Year, Tamim said:

“I was the happiest man in the world – happier than Bill Gates.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Bill Gates is shite at cricket.

    I don’t know that for a fact…

    ..yet, strangely, I DO know that for a fact.

    He’s happy though. And rich.

    1. As far as I recall, Bill “Pearly” Gates was a middle-order batsman in the classic style, and a passable left-arm chinaman bowler on occasion. I well remember when he took 4 for 22 against Hewlett Packard’s fine team in the Silicon Valley League back in ’88, and followed it up with a breezy 65 to win the match. They were runners-up to Apple Corp in that season. I don’t remember him being especially rich, though.

  2. I was only going to post a comment because over eight hours had passed since this was posted and no on had made a comment yet.

    Sorry, nothing more to say, except that Australia’s bowling and the failure of the young guys to do much with the bat remain a worry. But you knew that, didn’t you.

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