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All Indians and Australians believe that everyone in England thinks the same thing. (Do you see what we did with that sentence?)

We’d just like to refute this.

If you see an article in the Telegraph that says England are going to dominate world cricket forever, it is important to remember that Graeme Swann hasn’t said this (unless it’s his name in the byline). We haven’t said it either.

If an article in the Daily Express last month said that England were going to win the one-day series in India by five matches to nil, Jonathan Trott didn’t say that and again, neither did we.

If you draw statements from a wide variety of English sources and piece them all together, that isn’t The English Manifesto. We really aren’t that organised and we really don’t agree about many things at all.

One particular quality that you can be almost certain isn’t shared by most people is “confidence”. If you detect “confidence” in someone’s pronouncements, you can safely assume that they aren’t speaking on behalf of the English as a people.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. lol at the liars above, we knew what you were thinking.

    Own up , no shame in admitting you were wrong 🙂

  2. on behalf of the people#s repbulic of india, i say indiaaaaaaa indiaaaaaaa. we are superpower #1, bitches.

    it’s a truth widely accepted that the aussie and indian press are bat shit crazy and biased but we have to now add the english to the list. maybe i didn’t notice it before on account of england being so shit.

  3. I think national stereotypes are healthy. All Indians are quite nice people who’ve been deluded into thinking that India are approximately 22.3% better than they actually are, whilst all Australians are arrogant tossers.

    I think this is a valid worldview, and if that means that everyone from the colonies/rest of the world thinks that we all wear bowler hats and think that Graeme Swann is both the messiah AND a very naughty boy then so be it.

  4. Stuart Broad went on about creating a legacy and comparing the team to previous great teams. Ideal stuff coming from a pantomime villain.

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