Muralimania and English cricket’s monomania

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Today we’re going to direct you towards two pieces of ours which appeared outside the kingdom.

First up, our latest King of Cricket is Murali. Don’t worry, it ain’t all numbers. It’s about the joints, the graft and the batting really.

Secondly, last week’s Cricinfo piece, entitled English cricket rocked by non-Cook related incident. As an added bonus, that one contains a little bit of Nick Knight.

Almost inevitably, Cook is in the news again today. Paul Downton has given another interview, which basically means Cook’s relationship with the public has dropped another few notches through no fault of his own.

Downtown has an incredible knack for alienating people. When he speaks, what you’re left with is a strong sense that someone has wagged their finger at you and told you they know best.

Apparently he sits in on selection meetings these days. He says he is happy with the selectors he employs (his words) and happy with the decision to continue with Cook as captain, but that the selectors will meet to discuss everything on Friday. Presumably they won’t be jumping at the chance to make their boss unhappy.

Asked about Cook’s form, Downton said: “Yes, he’s in miserable form. But form can change. I’d suggest he’s ‘due’ – wouldn’t you?”

We’ve covered this before, haven’t we?

Another highlight is: “He’s the natural leader of that group of players.”

A natural leader in the sense of being a great orator? A natural leader based on the fact he’s getting great results? What is a natural leader? Is that how leaders are identified; by their nature? Do the ECB do a DNA test? What chromosomes are they looking for?

The ECB really are beyond parody now.

Downton finished by saying: “I want to enfranchise everybody and I want them to be part of what’s happening in English cricket.”

Remember kids, if you’ve been enfranchised by a stockbroker, you should inform a parent, teacher or policeman immediately. It’s not your fault.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. Hmmm, I get that when I sit at my desk writing too much, but I think it is mere lumbago in my case, or sometimes sciatica. Nothing so glamorous as ankylosing spondylitis.

      Actually I haven’t had a lower back nasty for some time now. I’d suggest I’m ‘due’ – wouldn’t you?

    2. I’ve never been any good at sports, ever. So I reckon I’m due a career at a professional level round about now.

  1. I’m considering boycotting AOC until they send that fantasy cricket prize… did anybody actually receive theirs?

    1. It never arrived? What contact have you had with them since you won? Feel free to email us if you’d prefer to discuss it that way.

    2. I’m not massively fussed, it’s not like I’ve paid the good folks at AOC anything. They did send an apologetic email a while back saying they were finding it harder than expected to post the prizes (apparently it’s quite tricky to post a bat, though I don’t think was what I won). Actually just checked my email, that was back in September. I know another poster here hadn’t heard anything further (I think that was in October?) and was wondering whether it would be impolite to chase it up. Anyhow I will send them an email this afternoon.

    3. I’ve been meaning to bring this up, too. I was going to send you (KC) an email later this week, as it would mark the third month since the last email I received (in September) from AOC on the matter (it just said some prizes were delayed, but expect their arrival soon). I wrote to them a month after that, but received no response.

      I’m afraid the kingdom is being denied its bounty!

  2. By the way yer maj, the “English cricket rocked by non-Cook related incident” link is kaput (does that have one T or two? Both look not quite right).

  3. Well, we now have conclusive evidence that England simply are not good enough to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Admittedly, some of the data may be a little redundant but it’s important to be certain.

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