Failure to repeat until funny

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From the comments on our latest Cricinfo article:

“Ok, the sole joke of the article was silence, and quite frankly it needed at least a bit more to take it anywhere. Page 2 has definitely seen much better.”

It’s a dark day. We’re going to have to redouble our efforts.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. No, we needed to repeat until funny. We only do one thing here at King Cricket and if anyone accuses of not delivering in that regard, we have to accept that criticism and take steps.

      Brace yourselves people. We’re thinking we might have to pare the site back to just one joke and repeat it beyond ad nauseum.

  1. “that is so childish, even i could have written better than that, i was expecting more, disappointed…..” ~ Yolk_eater

    I’m not sure “Childish” is a fair criticism. After all your premise relied on Fletcher saying nothing. That’s not so much childish as overly enigmatic. If you’d had Fletcher dole out helpful nuggets of information for pre-schoolers, such as “The horse says “neigh”” or some such, then perhaps the piece would have been childish.

  2. Comments on your Cricinfo pieces are often very school report-like, KC.

    “Alex is undoubtedly a bright boy, but he tends to squander his natural intelligence on flippancy. We expected much better than this during the past term and are more than a little disappointed with his progress. He knows only too well that he needs to redouble his efforts in the coming term if he is to fulfil his potential in the summer term exams.”

    Redouble your efforts, KC. You know that’s what you need to do.

  3. Beg to differ.

    King Cricket’s ongoing obsession with Fat Boy Key’s non-achievements is puerile and childish.

    Conversely this article poking fun at the famously taciturn Fletcher is bordering on genius.

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