Why was Michael Holding’s over to Geoff Boycott so special?

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It’s that time of the week when we link to an article at Cricinfo in which marzipan gets a mention and you all scour the comments hoping we’ve been ripped apart by a dissatisfied reader.

Nothing yet, but let’s give it time. Pretty sure England’s number one ranking will get a mention sooner or later, what with having mentioned someone English in the article and all.

Boycott b Holding 0 at Cricinfo. Give it a read, boost the page loads and help us stay in favour with at least one of our employers.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Enjoyed Boycott’s line (can’t remember where I saw/heard it, may have been here, may not have been)the other day, when someone said that everyone fell asleep when he was in bat -“yeah, but I was still in when they woke up.” Classic Boycott dig at England’s current bunch of non-occupiers of the crease. Although clearly not true of this particular over. Unless people in the Caribbean have very short and very powerful naps.

    1. It was on Test Match Special and then appeared in The Cricketer’s newsletter.

      Also, mum repeated it between those two appearances, but as you aren’t our mum, you probably didn’t hear it then.

  2. People are warming up to you, KC. There are whispers your brand of humor is getting popular. You might have to live with this, I am afraid. Much as we miss ’em, those dark, depressing days when people diss you for no reason other than you are English are behind us. It is almost like people are force-feeding you joy and cheer. You have no option but to lie back and suck the nipple.

    1. Just the sort of colonialist, imperialist so-called humour we decent people have been striving to eliminate utterly from our society, KC.

      You should be ashamed of yourself, writing in such disparaging tones about Michael Holding and Bajan people.

      I should cancel my subscription forthwith (if only Cricinfo and King Cricket had subscriptions).

      Would you like me to post something along the above lines, KC? Do your employers expect/require such incensed postings? Are you in breach of your Cricinfo job description by getting only praise these days? We’re here to help.

    2. That’s a kind offer, Ged, but it’s okay. We still average about eight disses per article, so it’ll be a while before we suffer a criticism debt.

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