Geoff Boycott fourth Test Ashes prediction failure

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Sam writes:

First morning of the fourth Test on Test Match Special.

Geoff Boycott: “I can’t see any way England are going to win this.”
Jonathan Agnew: “We’ve only had 12 minutes!”
Geoff Boycott: “Well, I’m supposed to know what I’m talking about. That’s why I’m the expert and you’re the commentator.”

Boycott’s argument was based on the supposed flatness of the pitch, but it smacked of a five-year-old child waking up on Christmas morning, rushing downstairs, ripping open his present to find a Playstation 3, jamming the scart socket into the back of the TV, finding that nothing appears on the screen and then stamping his feet and screaming.

Three days later he has completed Gran Turismo 5, eaten too many mince pies and learned absolutely nothing.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’d love to listen to TMS whilst the Sky pictures are on, but I just can’t deal with the delay.

    I love Boycott. He’s such a kn@b, but I do love him. It’s very rare he says something about cricket and I don’t agree. I shouldn’t say this in public but it’s true.

  2. A 5 year old would know a Playstation 3 and a SCART socket are not an ideal match. Geoffrey on the other hand wouldn’t.

    My snack position is dire today, absolutely dire. It may force me to bed at lunch. Chocolate digestives and Wasabi peas alone will not sustain me through 3 sessions.

  3. Oh, and I was glad to see Haddin has gone back to the other extreme and started chasing the ball again. Let’s hope that’s the Australian policy today rather than the restrained one they employed yesterday.

  4. That shot was both surprisingly and pleasingly bad.

    And Dan, Boycott is a hero, no shame in admitting that. His role in the TMS box is to be a belliegerent grumpy old tosser and he is magnificent at it.

  5. Dawg. Don’t want to boast, but we went shopping today. I’ve got a whole fridge full of lovely stuff. I’m here till teatime.

  6. Actually went to a couple of shops today and completely overlooked the night’s provisions, unless dim sum wrappers are edible on their own…. no.

    Schoolboy stuff. Must rectify that tomorrow.

  7. Well played Mr Collingwood, that was a most pleasant surprise. Might tuck into the Wasabi peas to celebrate.

  8. I’ve disliked the talk about Collingwood’s test career coming to an end. It pains my ears.

  9. He could do with making a bit of a case to be kept in couldn’t he. He is a top man though, a fighter, and one of the best fielders I’ve had the pleasure of watching.

    Steve Smith looks like a pig and appears to have roughly the intelligence of a rasher of bacon. Nicely commentated Bumble – talked about his discipline as he managed to resist one wide one – out the next.

  10. I think a Xmas tree has more intelligence than a rasher of bacon. It’s 5pm here in Los Angeles and I was going to have lobster and a decent Chardonnay, i might have a bacon sandwich instead

  11. Hmmm, thesaurusrus. A bacon sandwich. What a cracking idea, I might join you. How about you Dawg?

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