The Robin Hoods lead the Stephen Tomkinsons

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Hmm. We might abandon our plan to give every county new, ever-changing nicknames deriving from the names of famous people from the respective areas.

It’s not so much that using a different nickname in every post will be confusing – we’ve no problem with that – it’s just that we feel like we’re scraping the barrel with Durham already and that was our first go.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a County Championship update, so here’s the table:

  1. Nottinghamshire – 63
  2. Durham – 62
  3. Lancashire – 54
  4. Warwickshire – 50
  5. Somerset – 31
  6. Yorkshire – 31
  7. Sussex – 28
  8. Worcestershire – 17
  9. Hampshire – 15

No surprise to see the Liz Hurleys propping up the table. They seem to have one of the weaker bowling attacks.

Thought the Sean Beans might have been doing better though.


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  1. Vera Duckworth is a fictional character, rather than a famous person.

    Even my (usually shameless) pedantry gland is embarrassed by this post.

  2. Always with the Corrie. You couldn’t have gone with the Emmeline Pankhursts or the John Cooper Clarkes.

    1. We were fully aware of the danger of pluralising surnames when we wrote this and still we slipped up.

      Will cast that apostrophe into the abyss post haste.

  3. …and the Fred Wests are playing the Alex Bowdens today…

    Unicorns have no geographical links, of course, but by all (Cricinfo comment) accounts Alex Bowden milks one joke to death, which presumably could be described as “uni-corn”.

  4. New Zealand are very 2nd division. I’m not sure of the rules if Robin Hood is allowed and a real person like Vera Duckworth is cast asunder. Spiderman was born in Warwick Castle and the Spiders are doing suprisingly well

    1. It says “from the respective area”, thesaurusrus, not “born in the respective area”.

      Mind you, on reflection, my posting wasn’t the most politic comment I have ever made, associating his maj’s name with a mass murderer and harping on about one-track humour.

      …I shall take myself from this place, by boat….

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