The four best bowlers over the next five years

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Picking the bowlers was much harder than picking the batsmen and all-rounders. We’re not going to pretend that we’re 100% happy with what we’ve come up with because that would be dishonest and we save the dishonesty for getting out of social events.

Dale Steyn, South Africa, age 26

We’ve still not quite worked out how someone so spindly can be so quick. The fastest bowlers do tend to be whippy, flexible beasts, but even allowing for that, Steyn still looks a bit malnourished. Being quick AND being able to swing the ball makes him more rounded than other bowlers.

Mohammad Asif, Pakistan, 26

There are a lot of variables here. As long as Mohammad Asif can stay fit and stay out of trouble and as long as Pakistan actually get to play against other people; as long as all that happens he’ll take wickets by the big-receptacle-load.

Ajantha Mendis, Sri Lanka, 24

You have to do something a bit mental to get batsmen out on today’s pitches. Even if people work out the mental deliveries Mendis uses at present, he seems like the type who’d just invent another one. Will get lots of wickets with slow, straight deliveries that will confuse batsmen predicting sorcery.

Ishant Sharma, India, 21

Has been a bit ropey of late, but anyone who can make mincemeat out of Ricky Ponting when they’re 19 doesn’t need to improve too much. Ridiculously, he’s still only 21.

Also, just a note to say that the bowler we’re perhaps most excited about, Mohammad Aamer, is more of a bowler for the next 15 years, not the next five. We’re giving him time.

As for the Aussies, they’re all good and all about the right age, but none really stands out. It’s more that we couldn’t pick one in particular than that we couldn’t pick any.


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  1. Wayne Parnell and Kemar Roach…

    Steyn hasn’t improved as much as Saffers would have hoped over the last few years

  2. Kemar Roach is fun, but early days.

    Wayne Parnell is good, but hasn’t even played a Test.

    We love Mitchell Johnson in a way, but it’s basically just for his shortcomings.

  3. Our world is very firmly secured. Not much rocks it.

    That said, we would like to see more of Lasith.

  4. So its not possible to make both categories then?

    Well, SCREW YOU

    Stewi Broad and Sucky Ball Hassan are my nominations for the four best bowlers in the next five years!

  5. Bobby K, I suppose you want Barbie on the ‘next five years’ batsman list as well?

    Greedy. That’s what you are.

  6. To be fair KC I couldnt put any aussies in that list either. Most of the quicks at the ‘right’ age lack experience, which pretty much leaves us with Johnston – the man whose bowling was so unreliable it cost Phil Hughes his test spot.

    The only name that could really challenge your list is Kemar Roach – from what I’ve seen of him so far this summer he is only going to get better, the question is whether it will be the next 5 years or the next 10.

  7. KC, Ajanta Mendis is on the decline….He really doesn’t seem to be wanting to add more to his repetoire…the mantra that Dhoni & Co have used, which have been followed by other batsmen around the world, is to play him on the backfoot and treat him like a medium-pacer…

    IMO, Kemar Roach would definitely make my list, if not Mohammed Aamer!

  8. Hey Fred

    As I write tWatto has failed to make 100 again (despite Gayle’s best efforts)

    Where’s OUR apology? :p

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