Getting cricket scores on your phone and then finding a pub with it

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As we said earlier in the week, we’re sick to death of receiving press releases at the moment, so we were delighted to receive a brief match report from Simon that in no way promotes anything – least of all Snaptu’s free Cricinfo application for mobile phones.

“As I sat dismally in the Compton Stand at Lord’s on Friday reviewing the match scorecard and last over ball by ball commentary lines on my mobile phone, I thought: ‘Sod it – I’m out of here. Find me a decent pub’.

“Luckily I use Snaptu’s Cricinfo app on my phone and guess what, it has the fancyapint? pub guide on it too, so before long I was swallowing hard.”

We didn’t get paid for this. We’ve published it partly because it’s a free cricket service you might actually be interested in, but mostly because we liked Simon’s shamelessly transparent approach to promoting it.

Thoughts about whether we should have edited ‘swallowing hard’ will be read with interest?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I hate to admit this, but i am going to, i use this Snaptu service and it is very good – except it doesn’t do the bloody county scores.

    It’s pointless if you have a grown up phone like an iphone, but with a pretty bog-standard nokia it is really handy.

    I don’t work for them or with them or anything. I promise. And they clearly have no dignity.

  2. Is KC to be published in a foreign language every day now or was this piece just a one off?

    I understood the joke about swallowing hard.

    The author must have bought his pint in The Tavern and taken a quick swig before being told how much it would be.

  3. I for one applaud the smutty innuendo.

    Smut is really all the internet is good for

  4. Simon? SimonC? of this parish? Are you taking Snaptu’s shilling SimonC?

    If he is, I’d be demanding a cut if I were you KC

  5. One more vote, very happy snaptu user. There is the Windsor Castle on… let me have a look… Park Road… cheaper and cheerful like me

  6. It’s another Simon, Ne, unless I have been writing and promoting vastly more functional software than my usual average while asleep.

  7. I reiterate – for a sense of balance – NO COUNTY SCORES!!

    And when Durham are humping Lancashire, this is a real shame.

  8. D, I can’t help but think that there’s a worldwide conspiracy to prevent you from finding out the cricket scores. Religion, nordic cats, and now technology have all let you down; is there no-one who will answer your need?

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