Ian Botham quote

“I don’t think it’s going to go away, the technology. I really don’t.”

Now we’re a massive, massive fan of primitive flint tools. We’d welcome a return to their chiselled, sedimentary perfection more willingly than anyone.

But we’re still inclined to agree with Sir Ian on this one.

The technology probably is going to stay. On balance.

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7 Appeals

  1. I go away for some months and you have Macc Lads lyrics appearing on here!!!!

    Wonders will never cease! Steve Moores was our school groundsman at school in Macc, top bloke, i dont think his brother could have handled a lawnmower like him.

    oh and the ‘technology’ is a massive load of old cock.

  2. Sir Ian is a first rate cock.

  3. Ed, Ian Botham has done more for English Cricket in his Sleep than you could ever phathom. He is a a English cricketing legend….. where as you are just a LEG-END.


  4. Ian Botham is a gobshite. He does raise money for charity

  5. very much looking forward to KC’s reaction to the shambles in jamaica.

    don’t hold back, KC. we’re all thinking it. be our mouthpiece.

  6. I’m on tenterhooks too (I possibly need to get out more).

  7. Yeah but he’s a better cricketer than you …. 🙂

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