Take the positives out of that

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“Possibly we didn’t play Jerome Taylor in the right sort of way.” Andrew Strauss

The bat-on-ball to ball-on-stump ratio would tend to indicate a flaw in your collective approach, yes.

England love to take the positives and they did that here. Unfortunately, they took all the positives from their second innings, put them in a bag and flushed them down the toilet just prior to going out to bat.

The innings also coincided with a dressing room game of ‘see who can stare directly at the sun for the longest,’ meaning each batsman emerged onto the field of play virtually blind.

So it would seem.


  1. Yeah, this is disappointing. But we’re a young side, we’ve got a new captain and it’ll take some time for things to gel. We’ll learn from this.

    Besides, it’s not the Ashes so it doesn’t count.

  2. England / toilet – 2 words that should definetly be used in conjuction at the moment.

    bring back Beefy !

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