Jerome Taylor bowls fast, full and straight

Jerome Taylor routed a batting side. You have to like someone who does that, even if they do it against your team. Given a choice between England ‘bowling with discipline’ again or Jerome Taylor taking 5-11 again, we’ll go with Taylor’s display thank you very much.

Taylor’s not ludicrously fast, but he’s fast enough and he actually pitched the ball up, which was something of a novelty in this match. The pitch was slow and the shorter you bowled, the more time the batsman had. They still couldn’t score easily, but it was no way to take wickets.

England’s lanky bowlers all bowled fairly short. They all bowled fairly sedately as well. It was by-the-book stuff and was unsuitable for the conditions. Jerome Taylor negated the pitch by barely letting the ball bounce at all. He wasn’t going to get anything much out of the surface, so why bother with it at all?

The ball he bowled to Kevin Pietersen was better than The Wire, evading KP’s bat as he played to leg before leaping into the arms of off stump as if it hadn’t seen it in years. Not many people can bowl balls like that, although Jimmy Anderson is one who comes to mind.

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7 Appeals

  1. what a strange comparison to make – a cricket delivery with an american tv series.

  2. Brilliant, linking that Anderson post has brought back images of Kallis and Styris that I didn’t want in the first place.

    Thanks again, Ceci.

  3. England are the new Pakistan. Both on and off the field

  4. as Clay Davis would say, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

  5. Never seen the Wire, but i am getting it this weekend for my birthday. You have cranked up the expectation levels, and I may have to stay unemployed a bit longer so i can really get in to it.

    Jerome Taylor ruined my weekend, i have found the test online, and been enjoying watching it whilst the Mrs goes to bed!

  6. The only thing better than the Wire was Bob Key’s 221 at lords in 2004

  7. That was a thing beyond adjectives.

    Nothing was as good or even nearly as good as that. It’s in a category of its own.

    It would be offensive to use it in a comparison.

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