About even for the Taylors

Yesterday, we were presented with the following two headlines via our RSS feeds:

Taylor delighted by ‘special’ MBE


Taylor charged after bar scuffle

Slightly disappointingly, Claire Taylor didn’t celebrate her MBE by going on an all-dayer that culminated in a drunken argument with bar staff because they wouldn’t give her any more change for the fruity. It was actually West Indies’ Jerome Taylor who was in the scuffle.

Just goes to show that it all balances out in the end. One Taylor gets an MBE, one gets pissed-up and scraps with a copper. Don’t let the Taylors tell you that they’re any better than you. They’re not.

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4 Appeals

  1. And here I was thinking they both referred to Mark.

  2. Cutting remarks about the taylors, KC. Well done.

  3. I would say:

    Well Taylored or is it Tailored?

  4. How many Reviews do I have?

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