Mohammad Sami – good bowling speed, like usual, but wickets too

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Mohammad Sami in wicket-taking SHOCKERNever judge a pitch until both teams have batted, but if a side’s bowled out for 127 and they’ve chosen to bat, you can take a good long look at the captain and maybe laugh at him a bit.

Ricky Ponting should have been wary of Mohammad Asif, who’s probably the best bowler in the world at the minute, but he wouldn’t have worried about Mohammad Sami one bit.

Surely no frontline bowler in history has played so many Tests and yet had such a shit record. In his 33 Tests prior to this match, Sami had taken 81 wickets at 51.37. To put that in perspective, Ponting can consider himself the superior bowler with an average of 48.40.

That’s not the whole story though. Sami was the Next Big Thing once upon a time and has often hinted at being quite a bowler. He can bowl at 95mph and has both a Test and one-day international hat trick. Surely it’s some kind of sorcery to cram a hat trick into a Test bowling record that’s that gash?


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  1. Laughing and finger-pointing is needed. Especially if you have seen footage of the pitch.

    Sami was bowling at 150 some balls and accurately. You wouldn’t think that would go together but it did.

    The ball that got Twatto was beautiful, but Hughes and Punter gave their wickets away like little lambs to the slaughter.

  2. It’s alright. Sami will go for 200 without taking a wicket in the second just to keep up his legendary average.

    I still wouldn’t count on Oz crossing 300 though. This test is a wash.

  3. Yeah.Thats the kind of talent Sami always had. He was Pakistan’s next great bowling hope but just lost the plot after 2005…. good to see him doing well again.
    memories of hatrick in nz still send chills down my spine!

  4. Sami was quick fire and got them by surprise but then real damage was done by Asif. I am not sure if Sami will go along like this as he can only perform well on a lively pitch, let see how he turns out.

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