MS Dhoni: Lord Megachief of Gold 2009

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It's MS Dhoni, everybody

You may not realise this, but the title of Lord Megachief of Gold is only granted for a one-year term. Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Lord Megachief of Gold 2007 and Grand Lord Megachief of Gold 2008, stands down. MS Dhoni steps up.

Why MS Dhoni?

Cricket is about winning. It’s not about hitting the fastest hundred or the most runs. Those are achievements in as much as they help you win games. Winning is the ultimate aim. MS Dhoni knows this.

Dhoni might not have scored as many runs as some, but he’s hit more meaningful runs than anybody and he doesn’t care how he’s done it. The man who can hit the ball further than anyone has been the ultimate second fiddle in a number of partnerships.

Dhoni in Tests

He only had six innings, but he averaged 92.25. In the Wellington Test against New Zealand, he arrived at the crease with India 182-5 in their first innings. Shortly after, they were 204-6, but Dhoni spurred the lower order resistance with his 52 before taking six catches as New Zealand were bowled out for 197.

In the first Test against Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad, India were 157-5. Dhoni hit 110 and India made 426 although the match then degenerated into a ludicrously high-scoring draw.

Fittingly, the year ended with him scoring 100 not out in the match that India won to become the number one side in Test cricket.

Dhoni in one-day internationals

There’s no shortage of innings here. Most people have Tillakaratne Dilshan as their one-day player of the year, but Dhoni’s scored more runs at a better average. Dilshan’s scored them quicker, but as an opener, he basically faces the same situation every time and really just has to score as fast as he can.

Dhoni has played all sorts of innings, but what’s most remarkable is how often he’s helped his side to a win. You don’t need to score at a run a ball if you get your side home.

Here are some of his best one-day innings from this year:

  • 94 off 96 v Sri Lanka – India won
  • 84 not out v New Zealand – India won
  • 95 out of 188 v New Zealand – India lost (although that was hardly his fault)
  • 124 off 107 v AustraliaIndia won
  • 71 not out v Australia – India won
  • 72 off 53 v Sri Lanka – India won
  • 107 v Sri Lanka – India lost (Dilshan)

Lord Megachief of Gold 2009

We identified him as one of the five best all-rounders over the next five years and even said that his haircut was as thorough and well-organised as dad when he makes a bookcase (compliments don’t come much higher than that).

Congratulations, MS Dhoni, you are 2009’s Lord Megachief of Gold.


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  1. I lurk and laugh, but `India lost (Dilshan)’ made me want to write something . It’s very funny.

    I don’t have any pictures of animals.

  2. Very true, indeed! Can we now safely assume that Dhoni is to KC what Sehwag is to Jarrod?

  3. He still gets beaten up in the IPL by retired test cricketers. Is that the difference between being a Lord Megachief of Gold and being a Grand Lord Megachief of Gold?

  4. Johnson actually robbed the ICC Player of the Year off Dhoni, not Strauss, which I think anybody who wasn’t English knew anyway.

  5. I heart MS Dhoni. If you would like someone to go and personally present him with the award, I selflessly volunteer myself.

    Baggy, it’s ok if you don’t have pictures of animals. Pictures of cricket equipment in unusual places are also acceptable, I think.

  6. Yes, they are acceptable, but it seems like no-one can really be arsed.

    Miriam, feel free to present him with the award, but being as it’s a title, we don’t really know what you’d do. Just tell him, we guess.

  7. It’s amazing how much he gets done with his limited batting abilities in test cricket. Truly the right pick for LMCoG.

  8. Deep Cower

    come back to me when KC starts a religion centered around Dhoni. I’d say Mims & Dhoni would be a better comparison. Right Mims?!!!

  9. Yeah i would surely like to appreciate your points coz i too think that mahenrda singh Dhoni not only aims to play or to hit but only to WIN & WIN _ A true sportsman.

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