Is Steve Smith finally tired of batting?

England v Australia, fifth Test, day two

Not permanently tired, you understand. Not sick of it. Just temporarily not at his very best. A bit tired of batting movements. Ever so slightly worn down by constant decision-making.

Yesterday Steve Smith missed a straight one. Maybe this is just the kind of thing that happens once every billion straight ones; a theoretical possibility that we finally got to see. Or maybe he was very, very, slightly more tired than he had been for the straight one before and things just didn’t quite pan out how they normally do.

Tim Paine attracted criticism for choosing to bowl in this Test match. If nothing else, in back-to-back Test matches, did he not want to give his bowlers more of a rest?

Maybe he wanted to give his batsman a rest.

Smith says he has the flu.

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8 Appeals

  1. “Batsman”. Nice.

  2. Did David Gower just say ‘I haven’t got a fucking clue’ live on air?

  3. Yes. It does look like it. Yes.

  4. So the two major cricketing events of the summer both ended with the scores level, one England were ecstatic, the other disappointed. Sports!

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