Is there any chance Kane Williamson’s 95-ball 67 was a good knock?

Kane Williamson (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup semi-final, India v New Zealand

It looks like we might have an overnight half-time in this World Cup semi-final, which gives us an excellent opportunity to ponder and not quite come to terms with the way Kane Williamson went about his batting.

Williamson’s been doing this a lot in the World Cup. We mentioned it the other day.

He is either…

(a) Weighing up difficult pitches beautifully and displaying extraordinary mental strength to bat at an archaic tempo when everyone else feels like he really needs to crack on with things a bit


(b) Batting too slowly

We have no idea which. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. (Or possibly later. There’s probably still a chance of that with ‘modern drainage systems’ and that.)

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26 Appeals

  1. At this rate, Indian fans are going to come out of this World Cup thinking Manchester is particularly rainy

  2. I don’t see why there needs to be a 20-over chase today if there’s a reserve day available tomorrow. One of the many daft things about this world cup.

  3. A reverse Betteridge!

    • A rare beast indeed, daneel… although not as rare as the previously-believed-extinct two-day international! (Nomenclature: are we going for 2DI or TDI? Both have inherent inadequacies.)

      • Is an ODI a zero day international? I thought the common complaint was they’re too long?

      • Who’s up for calling t’Hundred S16.4 cricket? Let’s get the ball rolling on this one. Although I expect they have considered underarm bowling to expedite the smiting of Sponsored Sixes?

  4. How about that there Somerset, then?

  5. Spaking slightly hindered.

  6. Time for Dhoni to dig in and protect his average.

  7. Spaking is resumed.

    I knew that NZ / Somerset accumulator was a good bet.

  8. Dhoni even failed to witness the finish. Very poor.

  9. Australia – New Zealand final, then

  10. Twitter comment of the day:

    ‘One small request from India fans – don’t ever host the World Cup in England again’

  11. I reckon the next WC will have IPL style qualifiers? Haha!

    • I’m reckoning it’ll be restricted to four teams: India, India A, India B, and Pakistan.

      And Australia will still win it, somehow.

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