James Faulkner can even make Chris Gayle lose his cool

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“I don’t particularly like them,” said James Faulkner before Australia played the West Indies. He must positively detest them now.

Here’s another Faulkner quote.

“If you can do something to upset somebody and upset their team, it goes a long way towards doing well as a group.”

He got that the wrong way round. The West Indies did well as a group to chase 179, which surely upset the Australians, and the fact that it was Faulkner bowling the final over when Darren Sammy hit successive sixes to win the match has doubtless upset him specifically.

Sammy said:

“The Australians normally have a lot to say. We are here to play cricket.”

Which isn’t to say that the West Indies are mutes. They just save their talking for after the matches. Sammy couldn’t help but remark that his team had handled the pressure better than the Aussies. Faulkner was unavailable for comment.

The Windies also save their bat-flinging and cool-losing for after the match. The willow of Dwayne Bravo may not yet have returned to terra firma, so high was it thrown, while the emotions were sufficient for even Chris Gayle to finally lose his cool.

And oh how he lost it. This video of the celebrations doesn’t even show Gayle’s immediate reaction to the winning six, when he screamed so hard he actually fell over.


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  1. Can we add James Faulkner to the list of Aussie cricketers conspicuously lacking a brain? The list headed by David Warner. I really really really enjoyed watching the Windies win. Not quite as much as Gayle but still…

  2. Nowt to do with Faulkner or the Windies. But why why why does jade dernbach still play. Can’t everyone see that he gets carted. Even my wife commented on it and she doesn’t watch it much.

    1. Mine too.

      Her: “I can’t understand it.”

      Me: “He’s just not very good.”

      Her: “So why do they keep picking him?”

      I had nothing.

    2. Mine three.

      Daisy obsesses about two things in fact, one being how rubbish Dernbach is, the other being how much she likes the new England T20 shirts.

      These two matters seem to have equal cricketing weight to Daisy in the matter of T20.

  3. And why doesn’t broad bowl at the end he is the best bowler in the team. Does he seem the sort who wouldn’t want to take the hit some late blows will do to his figures?

  4. getting back to celebrations… boof thinks they went to far. the aussies, apparently, play hard but “fair” and just wouldn’t sanction graceless celebration or lording it over the opposition. koff. no, really. the nation that gave us the frigging victory song are complaining about another team’s gloating. not nice when you’re on the receiving end, is it?

  5. I guess the England boys and the Aussie boys can all console each other and bemoan their ill-fated tournaments together.

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