The Test match that Simon Kerrigan and James Faulkner played

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Now that we’re in one of those occasional narrow windows when a World Cup isn’t taking place, it seems a good time to point you all towards the final episode of our podcast series about the 2013 Ashes.

The 2013 Ridiculous Ashes comes to a climax with what will, for many England fans, be remembered as Simon Kerrigan’s Test and which is also far less likely to be remembered as James Faulkner’s Test.

Both men appear to have become one-Test wonders, which makes for some bizarre career stats. Faulkner has a Test bowling average of 16.33 and a batting strike-rate in excess of a run a ball thanks to two handy, selfless innings. Kerrigan has no wickets and an economy rate of over a run a ball, but is undefeated with the bat after making one not out in his only innings. England’s all-time greatest batter? We’re not saying he is, but we also aren’t saying he isn’t.

Here’s another link to the page we’ve made that has all the episodes on. You can listen to them through your browser. You don’t need an app or any kind of account. You just need to know how to click ‘play’. A person of your calibre should be able to manage that. You’ll also find links to previous series of the Ridiculous Ashes on that page if you’re hungry for audio.


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