New Zealand beat Australia 18-14 at sixes

A Kiwi slogging (via NZC)

However, Australia won the fours classification by 19 to 14 and they also scored 20 extras to New Zealand’s 12. The upshot was that Australia won the runs classification by 245 to 243.

Wickets also fell – but not enough to be of any real significance.

Speaking after the match, Kane Williamson said of the playing area: “Half hits would go 20 rows back.”

Truly the spectators were treated to an unbelievable display of half-hitting.

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10 Appeals

  1. Looking at the bowling, Mitchell Santner would have been useful. A lot more useful than Ben Wheeler.

  2. Spimitch was injured. ????

  3. Aauuuggghh. No idea where the double comment & ????s came from. Also, apparently I’m the only one here who gives a shit about the Blackcaps.

    • I do! When they play a format worth giving a shit about. Or even with boundaries worth giving a shit about. This was nonsense.

    • I too give a shit.

      Occasionally, even I need to do some work – even on a Friday.

      What we now need, though, is someone like Bert, who knows how to use a slide rule, to tell us what England need to do to the “Blackcaps” to eject them from this tournament.

      It’s more than just win.

      “Blackcaps” after three matches: -0.740 533/55.0 525/50.2
      England after three matches: -1.406 476/60.0 495/53.0

      It’s probably something to do with the square root of pi. Or some sort of factorial will get involved. Something of that ilk.

    • I’m rationing my own intermittent Kiwi-enthusiasm for England’s comeuppance next month.

  4. Seeing as I usually access the website on my ‘phone these days, I take no small amount of pleasure in firing it up on the laptop once an aeon and scrolling through all the hover captions.

    For those who, like me, are mostly mobile browsers: the best one currently on the front page is, ‘Whang!’

  5. Morgan: ‘One of the big things we haven’t done on this trip is play well enough to win the game, so that will be the focus to start with.’

    Good plan.

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