New Zealand beat a South Africa team

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Well played Kane Williamson for scoring 145 not out and well played the rest of you for fielding competently.

We’re sure he’ll be delighted about it, but we’re not too sure that Captain Brendon McCullum can take enormous pride in beating a South Africa side featuring the following luminaries:

  • Quinton de Kock
  • Colin Ingram
  • Farhaan Behardien
  • David Miller
  • Ryan McLaren
  • Rory Kleinveldt

That feeling is compounded by the fact that the South Africans managed to lose half their wickets to run-outs.

Rotation rocks, except when you rotate through 180 degrees and realise that all you can see now is arse.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Yes but.

    NZ were without Taylor, Southee and Ryder. Perhaps Vettori as well, but I’m not sure if he has retired or is injured.

    They may not have been rotated for the same reasons but it is pretty rare that all teams can put their best players on the park at any given time for a whole variety of reasons.

    1. That’s more of a ‘yes and’ than a ‘yes but’.

      The point is not to devalue New Zealand’s achievement, but why such matches are fundamentally devalued.

  2. And Kane Williamson is going to be the finest test batsmen for the next ten years.

    More than partly because he has taken some catches that bear comparison with PDC’s finest.

  3. Isn’t the infeasibly-named Saffer youngster named Quinton de Kock? Not Quenton de Kock?

    I’m prepared to bet a whole pound that de Kock’s career test batting average will exceed that of Kane Williamson by a distance.

    For future reference, when suffering from a serious bout of Quinton de Kock, Dr Ladd strongly recommends that you take plenty of liquids. Ideally cereal-based fermented beverages.

    1. Not Cuntin de Cock?

      Apart from being the other way around, that’s not appropriate language for this site AT ALL. Probably.

    2. Spelling corrected. Had been so focused on the third vowel in that name that we slipped up.

  4. Oh yes, England will be quaking in their boots at facing this team of worldbeaters. The kiwis have already announced their squad the warmup game. This team includes Taylor, Ronchi and the disappointingly clean shaven Nick Beard.

  5. Look at the big name players in that NZ line up. Interesting structure too: 3 specialist batsmen, 2 specialist bowlers, a keeper who can’t bat, and the rest “all-rounders”…. In that line up there is only one bowler who can break 130 km/hr. some good fielders in there though.

  6. I caught a bit of this match on telly. In doing so, I found out that the series is sponsored by Momentum.

    Clearly appalled at the recent coverage that it’s received, particularly from this site but also elsewhere on the internets, Momentum has upped its game. No longer is it just the product of mass and velocity, it’s also the product of an evil marketing campaign designed to increase further the use of Momentum (now with capital M) into cricket reporting.

    This must be stopped.

    1. More than one internet now, string?

      Is this brave new several internet world an inevitable outcome of Momentum?

  7. “Rotation rocks, except when you rotate through 180 degrees and realise that all you can see now is arse”

    this is the comment of the year, and possibly even the decade!

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