No Holds Barred Cricket

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No Holds Barred Cricket is a form rarely played these days. It was introduced in the mid-Nineties as a means of injecting a little bit more excitement into the one-day game. Rather frighteningly and contradictorily, the rules are ‘there are no rules’.

No Holds Barred Cricket featured large amounts of injuries from the outset, so players are rarely asked to partake these days. Nevertheless, occasional exhibition matches are still played.

In this shot, we see Mahendra Singh Dhoni struggling to catch Shoaib Malik. Shoaib Malik’s batting partner, Shahid Afridi, just out of shot, has hold of Dhoni’s leg and is attempting to sabotage the catch.

Rules bring order - rules are good

Afridi succeeded in spoiling Dhoni’s catch but was run out as he was well out of his ground. Then Sachin Tendulkar gave him a wedgie.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’d make a comment about Shoiab Akhtar hitting someone with a cricket bat, but I fear it would be in very poor taste.

  2. I once slapped Stuart McGill on the backside with a mini bat, at The County Ground, Essex.

    He called me “a fucken queer!”

    Oh how I laughed, as Alistair Cook and Ravi Bopara smashed him all around the ground..

    MacGill 24 0 128 0

    Unfortunately, my weekend wasn’t as wonderful as it should have been as FatHeadFlatTrackBully (otherwise known as Matthew Hayden), hit 150 in double quick time, and it became the most boring days cricket ever!.

  3. I hit a pinata to death with a cricket bat at my birthday party. It was the only hitting implement I had. It was actually the signed cricket bat that I won through a competition posted on Kingcricket!

  4. Oh I remember that Miriam! Wasn’t it a signed Sussex bat, won from a lingerie website?

    I see you’re not keeping it in it’s own hermitically sealed packaging!

  5. It WAS a signed Sussex bat from a lingerie website!

    It didn’t come in hermetically sealed packaging. It came in a solid piece of bubblewrap which, when I removed, looked like another, larger bat made out of bubblewrap.

  6. We’re very happy to hear this update about Lingerie Bat.

    We were very proud when one of our readers won Lingerie Bat – one of the most irregular prizes in history.

    Glad to hear it’s of use, Miriam. Those pinatas won’t kill themselves (so we’re led to believe).

  7. Hang on a minute, if there aren’t rules, how did Afridi manage to get run out? Even Inzi couldn’t get run out if there weren’t any rules!

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