Old cricketer to retire in the future

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That’s the big news today. Cricinfo have revealed that 35-year-old Mark Boucher is thinking about maybe stopping playing. Possibly even fairly soon.

Boucher said:

“I would like to go England and then start a process of trying to get another keeper involved.”

He didn’t even include a ‘maybe’.

“After England I will probably look at my career and my retirement.”

But he did use a ‘probably’.

The good news for England is that Boucher seems to be planning on going out on a low.

“If it’s my time to go then it’s my time to go. If I’m not performing then I’m not performing.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. A corollary would be that if it is time to stay it is time to says and if he is still performing he is still performing.

  2. I can digest cliches, albeit difficultly, but outright lying? Sample this: “New Zealand are very similar to us in the way that they walk around, they are very confident, bordering on arrogant, which is a good thing”.

    Now New Zealand have always been one of my favorite teams, ever since I saw a fat Greatbatch bat away to glory in the 1992 World Cup. But there are two things the Kiwis are not: confident and arrogant. For shame, Mark.

  3. That last sentence reminds me of someone. Who was he, among all the Australians in this planet? Hmmmmm. I’m sure there was someone and if this was one of his sentences (maybe calling them sentences is a bit too much), it would rank high in terms of nonsense. But then again, who was he, I wonder?

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