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Or listened to it. Or paid a bit more attention to the scorecard than we did. In which case, please could you leave some sort of pithy synopsis in the comments section so that everyone else can feel like they got something of value out of visiting this website today?

That’d be great. Cheers. It’s much appreciated and we promise we’ll start doing things properly again in a bit.

That timeframe again: ‘in a bit’.

Also, here’s a link to the Jos Buttler section of the site. We’d definitely have linked to at least one of these articles had we written something about the match ourself – probably the one about him batting at five, but we can’t be sure. Presumably at least one of them’s relevant in some way. You’ll have to judge for yourself.


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  1. Sri Lanka scored some runs. England did too, but not quite as many as the Lankans. By the rules of cricket as drafted on a rainy morning in 1656 by five Frenchmen and a blind horse, this means the Lankans have won. For now.

  2. I slept through most of it because I live in America and work evenings, but here’s what I did catch:

    – Sangakkara and Dilshan batted well. I saw a few shots from Sangakkara that looked magnificent. Then I fell asleep again.
    – Somehow SL lost a bunch of wickets. Somehow Gurney took a bunch of wickets. These two might be related. I was asleep at the time.
    – Cook got out and I fell asleep again.
    – When I woke up it was 100 for 3 or something of that sort. The commentators were talking about how it was time to target Mathews. Root promptly top-edged one off Mathews and got out. I fell asleep for a bit more.
    – I woke up just in time to see Morgan get out. I decided that when the next wicket fell, I was going to turn the game off and make something to eat.
    – Buttler and Bopara made sure that wasn’t for a long time. Bopara scored 51 off 47 with just one four. Sri Lanka looked annoyed at how much he was making them run around. Buttler just kept bashing it over extra cover. Mathews seemed to be thinking “okay, he’s played that shot five times, but he won’t play it AGAIN” and then Buttler played it again.
    – Then Bopara got out. Chris Jordan tried to play the support role and only tried to smack one once, and hit it straight to Dilshan at long-on.
    – Malinga did his thing and SL won.

    From what I saw, it looked like a good one-day cricket match, with the battings and the bowlings and such.

    1. That’s a brilliant report. Entirely in the spirit of this website, as are the next two comments (at least).

    1. ged, is there something you need to be telling us here? or rather, something you would like to share with the authorities..? (admittedly if one planned to fix a match it would be pretty hard to fix it for the final over like that…)

      KC, that hyperlink doesn’t resolve to anything. was that the idea? am i just being dense here? or was i just the only bugger who bothered to click on it??

  3. I listened to the match on and off, and then towards the end mostly on. I was going to post something useful but it seems Dan M has pretty much covered it. All I would add is that RavBop seemed equally annoyed about all the running about (he seemed to only hit twos for most of his innings). That and that England did it again… they made me believe they were going to somehow pull it off – for some reason I fell for it again. After that I chopped some wood and had another cup of tea.

  4. England didn’t take a bunch of wickets with the new ball and as such were fucked.

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