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Leave it Owais Shah, just leave itWhen Owais Shah leaves a ball, it stays left.

He plays his most elaborate leaves at relatively full deliveries outside off stump. He doesn’t just get his bat out of the way, he swings it over and then straight down towards the ground in front of him.

It’s like he’s suddenly seen a devious leprechaun just in front of him in the middle of the pitch, so he ignores the ball and pans the gold-loving bastard on the top of its head.

Take a look during the next Test. The Shah leave is a thing of rare splendour.


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  1. what is going on in that picture?

    he looks like the texas chainsaw massacre man.

    what was his name? did he have a name?

    surely he can’t just have been called the texas chainsaw massacre man.

  2. We agree that he looks like a psycho, but perhaps not that specific psycho. That’s unfair.

  3. I saw the headline and thought, “not another one doing the paternity thing or taking a holiday at an inappropriate time”.

  4. I took note of his leaves (until he left the field…) but I was particularly entranced by his forward defensive prodette – he looked like Sir Walter Raleigh laying down the cloak – really really deep bow

  5. When he’s in full flow there are few batsmen more entrancing to watch, says Ged from a Middlesex position of strength.

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