Post Ashes graphs

String sent these:

The first one

The second one

The third one

The fourth/last one

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9 Appeals

  1. At last. A hero has come forth.

  2. I wept when string emailed me these

    Tears of joy

  3. The Robert Key Pie has to be the Lord High Megachief Of All Charts.

    Well done, string.

  4. BTW, do the four charts together comprise String Theory perchance?

  5. Rob Key’s 221 is an oft overlooked but crucial moment in not just cricket history, but world history. Just the following year major breakthroughs in genome sequencing helped unravel how evolution works.

  6. King Cricket

    January 25, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    The day after Rob Key’s 221, we found a quid.

  7. …and some people don’t believe in the big guy in the sky…

  8. …actually I saw the big guy in the Sky studio the other day discussing some Kiwi game…

    …it didn’t seem fitting somehow, for such a great man…

    …his suit didn’t look fitting either, to be honest. Ramps carries a suit better, but has awful taste in ties according to Daisy.

  9. Thanks all. I’ve always felt that Rob Key’s 221 was a great innings, but never really found a way to express this visually. Now that I have, I can put my feet up for a little while in relative contentment.

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