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Post Ashes graphs

String sent these:

The first one

The second one

The third one

The fourth/last one

The only way to celebrate an Ashes win

You’ve got to pull out all the stops at a time like this.

So here’s a Venn diagram made by someone else:

Ashes victory Venn - a thing of rare beauty

Never let it be said that we don’t make the effort.

Thanks Ged.

Australian cricketing cragginess Venn diagram

It’s the feature that never took off!

It's Brad Haddin's 'thing' - everyone's got a 'thing'

There’s a smooth-skinned, hairless-chested quality to the Aussie team these days, although we’ve high hopes that Peter Siddle will one day attain the status of ‘gnarl dog’.

For the record, Simon Katich is merely ‘hairy’.

Find out whether you’ll one day captain Pakistan

Using a Venn diagram!

We used the 1992 World Cup winning green

Cricket Venn diagrams


Is there enough interest in cricket Venn diagrams to warrant making it into a regular feature? After literally more than one person complained after we didn’t provide one, we feel there is.

The above is by prbass and is an excellent Venn diagram with which to kick off. The people in that orange section should be quite pleased now.

If you’ve got something cricket-related you want to express in Venn diagram form, send a Jpeg to king@kingcricket.co.uk and we’ll upload it onto the site the next time we decide we’d rather go to the pub than write something ourself.

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