Shakib Al Hasan twangs another bow string

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Shakib roaring like a liger - yes, a ligerHow many strings does Shakib Al Hasan’s bow have?

Predictably and disappointingly, he has two strings to his bow: batting and bowling. This is not an especially large number of strings, but it’s two more than we have. We haven’t even got a bow – or if we have, we don’t recognise it.

Shakib’s bowling string has been taking precedence of late, but today his batting string put its floppy, fibrous little hand up and came to the party. We don’t know what kind of party strings have – some sort of binding-things-together bash, presumably.

Shakib hit 92 off 69 balls and was largely unarsed by either Muttiah Muralitharan or Ajantha Mendis – bowlers who obliterated India last year.


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  1. This boy is sheer class. Well done KC for unearthing him.

    Does his cat have an English grandmother by any chance? Just thinking ahead Middlesexwise…………….

  2. Lucky he didn’t twang his banjo string…… I understand it’s rather painful.

    Sorry for lowering the tone.

  3. It’s nice to see Bangladesh winning -on the ODI front they are getting towards the level of a second-tier side. That win over New Zealand raised my hopes for the Tigers, and if Tamim Iqbal can find some form on the same day as Shakib, then they can beat a lot of teams on a good day.

    Certainly, I’d fancy their chances against England.

  4. Boo! Hiss! Dirty look!

    That’s directed towards the SL top and middle order, BTW, not the plucky Bangla’s.

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