Some cricket that was scheduled to happen really is going to happen

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India are to play New Zealand in the third Test in Indore despite someone somewhere reporting that they wouldn’t.

The Indian Express spoke to “a senior board official” who said the BCCI’s bank accounts had been frozen at the recommendation of a court-appointed panel set up to look into its operations.

The panel in question, the Lodha Committee, has since said that this is – and we’re paraphrasing here – a great big heap of bollocks. It has in fact ordered that just two specific payments be halted; payments that are nothing to do with hosting international cricket matches.

If you’re a senior board official at the BCCI who’s prone to talking outright cobblers, why not get in touch with us here at King Cricket? We’ll publish owt, we will.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. And if you’re a senior board official at the BCCI who’s not prone to talking outright cobblers, why not also get in touch? You’ll be a rarity, to be stuck in a museum and gawped at for years to come.

  2. We’ll publish owt, we will.

    …but only after a delay of several months whilst the backlog of match reports is amortised down.

    1. As a component of said backlog, I for one volunteer to allow the BCCI official to jump the queue ahead of me.

      I think my reports are informative, witty, insightful and colourful. But I’d swap one of mine any day for a complete pile of twaddle from the BCCI.

      Crickey, people, surely we could all do with a laugh out loud, bellyful of unintended mirth, cracking good read?

      1. I thought the addition of the word down might be necessary to provide context to those KC readers not already familiar with the term (from memory, I think the non-technical version of the term tends to lose the Google battle to the technical version), although you are of correct to observe that it was, strictly speaking, not a necessary addition.

      2. I can imagine Chico Marx saying this classic line:

        You know-a what-a that means-a…

        …more ties!

      3. Ties, as a physical, tangible asset, would have to depreciate, not amortise. Sorry to piss on your fine reference, Ged!

      4. I’m-a not-a sure that-a Chico would-a appreciate…

        … the distinction, Mike.

        Meanwhile my stock of Chico Marx puns is well and truly depleted now, so you can safely now insert a sanity clause…

  3. Should Durham apply to join the Ranji Trophy instead of the CC Div 2? Pro: airmiles. Con: jetlag.

    1. That would be a smart move for Durham – getting out of the clutches of a national cricket board full of gaffe-prone windbags full of their own self importance, unaware of their inadequacies and those of their institution, transferring instead to…

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