Steven Finn asks for trouble

Is everyone sick of reading about how Steven Finn could be McGrath-esque?

“McGrath is someone I’ve always idolised.” – Steven Finn

Thanks Steve. Thanks a stack.

It’s just an off the cuff remark to you, isn’t it? You don’t seem to realise the consequences of what you’ve just said. You don’t have to sit through the commentary when you’re out on the field of play, do you?

You’re lucky, Steve. You don’t have to put up with the lazy shit that drips from the mouths of commentators every time they see a bowler who’s over six foot three. (Yes, we know that sounds disgusting.)

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3 Appeals

  1. I do hope he takes on board all the McGrath muttering and moaning and teapotting as well – it’ll give Jim and Sid a run for their money in the grumpy stakes

  2. He”s a lovely lad but he ain’t grumpy, Ceci.

    He doesn’t look McGrathesque either.

    He actually looks more like Bob Willis bowling in his youth – (yes I know that sounds disgusting).

  3. It makes a change from hearing about Broad being the new McGrath. Whose next? Is Woakes tallish?

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