Taking Sachin Tendulkar for granted

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Even Tendulkar hasn't seen all of his hundreds - there have been too many even for himIt is so easy to take Sachin Tendulkar for granted. He’s 191 not out against Australia. You see that and you think: “Of course he’s 191 not out against Australia. Why wouldn’t he be?”

The statistics are everywhere. Picking some pretty much at random, this was his eighth hundred in 15 Tests since the start of 2009 – a period in which he’s scored 1,735 runs at 86.75.

You set your own standards. People look at us, unshaven and half asleep and they think: “Of course he’s unshaven and half asleep. Why wouldn’t he be? I can’t tell from looking at him, but I assume he’s also locked himself out of his own house for the second time today.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That guy looks far too with it. He looks like the kind of guy who remembers his keys the second time he goes out.

  2. “Tendulkar is so good at remembering his keys, straight out of the textbook.” – Ravi Shastri, probably.

  3. This actually happened to me once. I was working late one day, and locked myself out twice from my office.

  4. The more upmarket version of this conundrum is locking the domestic staff in the house.

    Sachin never does that.

    He is on top of all such matters and more besides.


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