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A quick thank you to Childish Things, the guys who make International Cricket Captain, for agreeing to sponsor the site for the next month (although the hours we’ve lost to the game over the years, frankly they owe us). If you’re not running ad-blocking software, you’ll see a big, long ad for the 2014 version of the game just to the right. If you are running ad-blocking software, you may not – but you will see this post.

We’ve not played this latest version yet. We’d expect it to be some way more sophisticated than the 2009 instalment, which is the last one we did a proper review of. They say the match engine’s been refined to ensure greater realism, although the below screenshot does feature an Alastair Cook hundred.


You can buy the game from the Childish Things website.

Advertising on King Cricket

If anyone else wants to sponsor the site, get in touch. You can have an ad for a month and a thank you post as long as you’re a proper company with a proper product and not just some 19-year-old emailing people asking for links because you work in SEO.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. That category needs updating, KC. It’s now “PC, PS4, X1, Wii U”.

    I am probably the only person who cares about this, but by my CVG account, it’s the truth!

  2. I’d like to advertise trousers please. Not a specific type, just the idea in general. And I don’t think I should pay, as it’s more of a Public Service Message than an advert. I wrote a jingle:

    If you are stuck inside, can’t go out and need to hide
    So you sit at home alone surfing your browsers
    Never fear, give a cheer, for your saviour is here
    Why not buy yourself some cool and groovy trousers

    If your undies are a mess, and you cannot wear a dress
    And you’re scared you might be seen out by some vicars
    Trousers cover up your legs from the bottom to the bottom
    So you won’t be caught parading in your knickers

    (I think a month should do, just to make sure the idea catches on.)

    1. Who seems to still be at the top of the ODI squad, according to Mick Newell. I’ve taken the Bert approach to this news:

      Cook’s staying on top
      In ODIs.
      While rather sad
      It’s no surprise.

  3. I was in a gracious mood, so popped over to childish things to get the game. To my horror, I discovered I had to pay.

    I mean, come on, I am a gentleman.

  4. Is there a mode to have your top order to spend 40 overs poking around uselessly before a massive middle order and tail collapse that causes everyone to blame numbers 5 through 11 for not being able to bat at 23 runs an over?

    1. From experience, yes there certainly is such a mode. There’s also an overattack at the outset and lose loads of wickets mode.

    2. Is there a mode to let your team concede over 500 runs in a day because they’re totally bloody useless and an embarrassment to the country?

    3. At half the rate, and Josh Cobb (apparently considering a move to Northants? It gets even more embarrassing) still can’t.

  5. Now that you are officially in bed with Childish Things, KC, any chance of getting one of their techies to fix a line or two of code for you, so that we can all start playing cricket top trumps again? More my level of game, I fear.

  6. Speaking of ICC, a relevant cricketing issue is that Pakistan need to bring back Sami and play some awful leg-spinner who can’t make their first team, then they’d have a decent bowling attack. Alternatively, they can mine Sri Lanka for promising mystery spinners, since that’s what they seem to produce nowadays. Perhaps if lucky then find next Herath.

    1. And then they could make better advertisements for ICC. Thus proving somebody’s point that everybody benefits from a Pakistan team featuring fast bowlers.

      You know, as if that needed explanation.

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