The Twenty20 Cup is about to get good

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Not that appealing

We just thought we’d warn you all about this fact, because chances are you lost interest in the Twenty20 Cup about a month ago.

After 10,000 mostly pointless matches, we’ve managed to trim 18 teams down to eight. However, there are four matches today and tomorrow we will be down to four teams. That’s actual progress. That’s an actual sporting competition where you play for a reason rather than purely to pass the time.

Imagine going out for a meal and your starter is an absolutely massive plate of dry pastry. There’s filo, puff, shortcrust and suet, but it’s still all pastry and it’s impossible to get through. Quite quickly, you give up and go to the toilet to throw up. What a rubbish restaurant.

You sit in the restaurant for about a fortnight, occasionally having a nibble of pastry and lamenting the fact that you’ve developed scurvy, when suddenly the waiter comes over and he’s got all this great food. Where did that come from? The waiter then says you’ve got 20 minutes to eat it.

Less pastry next year please.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Why are these being held on a Monday, a day regarded as so dead that even Championship games are only scheduled there as a last resort?

  2. Rich, the thinking that goes into planning the English cricket fixtures is beyond the likes of us.

  3. There is thinking behind the English cricket fixture list? I always thought that a group of badgers drew names out of a hat and decided it!

  4. Thinking? Planning? Alien words to Giles Clarke and chums. I discard him (and chums).

  5. Which four matches? What was the great food that the waiter suddenly found? What is the progress on the Wangotron? Yesterday was all questions and no answers.

  6. Henwelder. I hope that is exactly how it works as that will from now on be the image in my mind of how it works.

    A slightly worn bowler hat presumably.

  7. You have to hand it to the ECB & Sky.

    Never mind reserve day the Essex Lancs game nearly ran over 2 days with only one short rain break.

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