We have a not-so-serious point to make

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It’s not really a point. In fact, several of the commenters on our latest Cricinfo piece say it just sort of tails off.

It’s a fictional Pakistan team meeting, if that makes you more or less likely to click through and have a read.


  1. To be honest, KC, I’m a little bit bored of parodied dressing room conversations, faked diaries etc. on Cricinfo page 2. They are turning into the knock-knock joke of cricket humour. You will probably now count them up and tell me there haven’t actually been very many, but that would sort of prove my point. I feel similarly about 20-20. Quite good fun when you first see it, but after you see 1/2 dozen you realise there is no real narrative to them, if you will excuse the lame over extended metaphor.

  2. No, it’s a valid criticism and you didn’t just say “I thought it was shit” without giving a reason, like a lot of people do. To be honest, we’re inclined to agree with you.

    And don’t worry about offending us. Anyone thin-skinned shouldn’t run their own website.

  3. With a pregnant wife at the moment I am rather sensitive about offending people (we had serious drama tonight about running out of risotto rice). I’m relieved I won’t need to jog down to Morrisson’s to buy you groceries and flowers. Sorry if I implied your skin is thin. Bollocks. Done it again.

  4. Why would you allow a situation to arise where there was insufficient risotto rice?

    Why would you do such a thing?

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