The odds on England winning the World Twenty20

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Well, they’re not great, but that’s largely due to the fact that there are a whole bunch of teams in the tournament rather than because of any massive shortcomings on England’s part.

If there were only one team in the tournament, England’s chances would be far better. If there were only England and a team of langur monkeys competing, England would still fancy their chances. There’s loads of teams though and none of them are simian.


Craig Kieswetter and Michael Lumb have a bit of a boom or bust feel as an opening partnership. That’s not such a bad thing in Twenty20.

Middle order

Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood and Eoin Morgan? That’s actually good. England have a good middle order. This is weird.


Who knows what Luke Wright will do? We don’t. If he plays for the next 10 years, we might eventually reach some sort of conclusion about him.


Graeme Swann will be fine. Mike Yardy’s got a pain-in-the-arse quality as a bowler, which is always welcome. As for James Tredwell, we tend to get distracted by monitoring just how far he’s slapped back and never really form an opinion.

Fast bowlers

Well, none of them are fast, but fast bowlers often go for a few runs, so that’s okay. They’ll all look great until they really need to perform and then they’ll go to pieces.


No, we’re not going to be drawn into something like that. This isn’t the kind of website that offers opinions. This is the kind of website that brings you phrases like ‘slapped back’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Welcome back

    I am fed up of ll this Whackball already and our domestic competition is about to start

  2. Tredders looks no more slapped back than Doug Bollinger was when he became Doug the Rug. Am sure MPV who is out there for TMS could give him an introduction to the blokes at Rugs R Us

  3. England to win 2 or 3 games and go out in the second round. They won’t be able to win two games in a row.

  4. Bresnan is pleasingly fat and thick looking. That surely has to count for something.

    Ideal scenario for this tournament would be meeting South Africa somehwere along the way and beating them with an entirely South African line up. I haven’t paid enough attention to our squad but it’s probably possible.

  5. If anyone is raising a small child they might have realised that Bollinger looks like the slightly unnerving chap who presents ‘gigglebiz’ on cebbies. I cannot ever take him seriously after making this connection.

  6. For your information, Pat, Mr. Tumble bowls deceptively quickly, and is a worthy leader of Australia’s new look attack.

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