Suresh Raina makes a good career move

Suresh Raina's got a face onSuresh Raina hit the first Twenty20 international hundred for India. He’ll do well out of that, you’d think.

We like Suresh Raina. We like the fact that he plays across the line into the off side. That seems to us to be the most effective way of making yourself look like a class batsman. He also enjoys a healthy measure of luckybastardom. We rarely see him bat without miraculously surving an atrocious skier at some point.

If we do have any misgivings, they’re to do with his appearance. He’s a pretty smiley guy, which is good, but when he doesn’t smile, there’s something awfully suspicious about that short top lip and that hair cut.

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3 Appeals

  1. He really is an FLF.

    No one should have their eyebrows exactly haflway down their head. That’s not normal.

  2. King Cricket

    May 3, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Imagine if he slapped back. He’d look like Vic Reeves’ version of Lloyd Grossman.

  3. thala i like u thala you are my role model that how to play that you makes a good career move

    i like you so much as i like my father………….

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