Virat Kohli applies the icing – but the cake’s a piece of crap and soon collapses

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Let’s leave Alastair Cook until tomorrow and instead take a quick look at how India’s run-chase went in the first Test.

The tourists lost and Nathan Lyon alone took as many wickets as they did, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it was that bad a performance. India somehow managed to enter the final session as favourites and that in itself is enough to combat the déja vu that has plagued their touring avatars in recent years.

The main person responsible was Virat Kohli, who smartly pretended it was merely a one-day run-chase. A target of 364 sounds intimidating, but then translate that to a 50-over match with Kohli at the crease and you’d bet on it being reached.

But not everything was as normal. We’ve heard that Kohli celebrated his hundred non-angrily. We’ll believe it when we see it, for no-one on earth is as enraged by their own sporting success as Kohli. If he ever takes Lara’s record, he’ll surely claw himself to death like a crazed animal.

When he was out, India were out, but a nod to Murali Vijay as well for notching a daddy fifty.


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  1. Great Test Match, and the right result from a sentimental point of view. Would have loved India to do it though. I’ve said it before, but I’m backing Kohli to be named Lord Megachief of Gold before too long.

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