Viv Richards has a chilli sauce

Or possibly had. Graeme Swann doesn’t make it clear in his tweet just how long the bottle’s been at the back of his cupboard.

More of this kind of thing in our latest Twitter round-up.

Unsure how to respond to this news? We’ll start you off with a trio of condimentary wicketkeepers: Jeffrey Dijon Mustard, Bruce French Mustard and of course, Phil Mustard.

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28 Appeals

  1. A trio of keeper-mustards! Who doesn’t want (Kiran) More?

    PS: I hate mustard.

    • Only three? I’m afraid that’s not quite (Ben) Cutting the mustard for me.
      I’ve got a great mustard-related cricketing joke for you. How did Phil Mustard’s girlfriend know he was a ‘keeper? It was the gauntlets he’d frequently wear.

      I note the plea in this week’s Badger for more spotteds… maybe this would be the perfect outlet for an anecdote about Colin the Big Man.

  2. Disappointed that the Gloucestershire Old Boy, Ernest English Mustard wasn’t mentioned.

    Played 1 match in 1909 at the age of 35 – scored a 2 and a duck; didn’t bowl.

    Thanks for filling in at the last minute, Ernest – any mate of the Barnett boys is a mate of ours. No need to worry about fees – club’ll cover it.

  3. Desmond Mayonn-Haynes
    Richard Ketchup-borough

    *Drops mic*

    *Picks mic back up. Apologises.*

  4. Bob Holland-aise
    Venkatapathy Ragu
    Chimi(churri) Anderson

  5. Do you want “cricketer spotted” reports that are a couple of years old and my memory of exact events is a bit hazy?

  6. Adil Horseradishid
    Tobasco Roland-Jones
    Papricky Ponting
    Eddo Brandy Butter

  7. Basil D’Oliveoil

  8. Moeen Aioli

  9. Gentle Mann’s Relish

  10. Dijonty Rhodes.

  11. Ellyse Peri-Peri. Cricketers do love Nando’s, after all.

  12. “HP”, where the H is one of those stupid morphed half-one-thing-half-the-other capital letters that prats with personalised number plates use if they couldn’t quite spell their own name out.

  13. Ellyse Perry Peri. “Hot stuff” etc.

  14. Ashley Chillies
    Andy Béchamel
    Will Béarnaise
    Graham Onions Gravy
    Jake Ball/Samic Patel
    Teriyaki Alderman

  15. Great minds Mike B…

  16. Mohammad Tsatsiki? Sorry if anyone else has said him

  17. Let’s be honest; a piece begging for discussion on condiments soon descended into saucy comments – I’m as guilty or more so than most.

    Still…what’s sauce for the Gooch is sauce for the Gambhir.

    I’ll get my coat.

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