ICC horse design proposals approved to go before next committee

Boardroom table (CC licensed by Jonathan Baring via Flickr)

Boardroom table (CC licensed by Jonathan Baring via Flickr)

The Test nations are poised to rain an almighty storm of compromises down on the ICC’s proposals for the international cricket schedule.

We know this for a fact because in cricket ‘proposal’ means ‘thing that will never come about in any recognisable form’.

These latest proposals – for some sort of Test championship and a league for one-day internationals – are the product of the International Cricket Council’s chief executives committee. Now that they’ve agreed on them, the plans need to go in front of the ICC board.

The ICC board comprises representatives of each of the ‘full member’ nations, plus three blokes from the associate nations (not actually checked that they’re blokes, but we’re in real boys’ club territory here so it seems a safe assumption).

At the time of writing, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is being run by temps after the Supreme Court finally tired of the last president’s bullshit. The temps will doubtless be far too busy to approve anything significant.

They will be entirely preoccupied by three main concerns:

(a) Faxing their timesheets over to their agency
(b) Wondering why they hell they have to fax something in 2017
(c) Trying to sort out back pay after being paid a seemingly random amount last week

If they do find time to look at the proposals, all they will do is run them by the TV networks to see whether they would result in a contract featuring a bigger number.

When told that the proposals would result in a smaller number, they will make a few suggestions.

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  1. So cynical KC! It’s like you don’t believe the BCCI will act in the best interests of the game…

    • King Cricket

      February 4, 2017 at 12:31 pm

      Didn’t really mean to pick out the BCCI specifically. It’s just that they’re in greater turmoil than normal at the minute and that seemed pertinent.

      More than anything, we just think there’s enough different parties involved that something will surely go awry somewhere along the way.

      • What’s wrong with you? NEVER apologise for picking out the BCCI for criticism.

      • King Cricket

        February 5, 2017 at 11:37 am

        Are apology was for appearing to pick them out for sole criticism. Should really have included the ECB and Cricket Australia at the very least and probably most of the other boards too.

  2. If the ICC designed a horse, I’m not sure how many legs it would have, or even how many heads, but I’m pretty sure it would poop dollar bills.

  3. Bees?

  4. Presumably there’s a trap door under each chair for dissenters.

  5. The horse should have some sort of a hump within which a great many large denomination dollar bills could be stored and transported.

    Sitting in a board room in Arabia, surely the committee could imagine and design a suitable beast.

  6. Returning to my 2008 Ogblogging, here is my account of Days 2 and 4 of the 1st Test match at Lord’s, including Ian Bell’s 199.

    I have included a few links within to King Cricket’s classic pieces during that match. Not only the Ian Bell classic, but also Mohammed Asif being a dick and Ravi Bopara doing DIY:


  7. Just in case anyone around here fancies reading about a rather weird couple of days at a county championship match at Lord’s in 2008, just ahead of the T20 finals day…co-starring Ed Smith…



  8. So farewell, Alastair Cook.

    You were captain of England.

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