VVS Laxman playing his favourite opponents at his favourite ground

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Not many cricketers actively prefer to play Australia, statistically at least. Most prefer Bangladesh. VVS Laxman just might prefer Australia.

These pair are liable to give their wickets away against Australia - who is it again? OhWe always preferred playing the wall of the garage, which could function as batsman, bowler, fielders AND scorecard – with the aid of a bit of chalk. We think that we probably had some friends at that point, but spurned them in favour of the wall. The wall was good to us. It never complained about being Australia, although it did hit us once after a contentious run-out.

Today’s 109 was Laxman’s 12th hundred, but his fifth against the Aussies. He averages 52.7 against Australia, 44.5 overall. Not a huge difference, but averages usually head the other way. It was also his third hundred at the SCG, which isn’t bad considering this was only his fourth innings there.

Suppose if you’ve played one of the best Test innings of all time against a side, it’ll give you a little bit of confidence. Lord knows where he got the initial confidence from though – probably from some sort of magic cake.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Clearly the greatest thing about Very Very Smooth, is the wonderful combover.

    Reminds me of the old Hamlet adverts.

    I think we should have a return of the combover.

  2. I once ate some magic cake, and it absolutely DID NOT turn me into a combover, batting, behemoth..

    It turned me into a crawling, wonky headed, halfwit.

    Which funnily enough, is what I usually look like at the crease! Boom boom…

    Why does no-one tell you, that you shouldn’t eat four magic cakes in one hit?

  3. It also left my girlfriend a quivering wreck, laying in a pool of her own vomit..

    But, as parents now, we can certainly pass on some valuable lessons!

    Good times…

  4. Cake is a made up drug. It’s not made from plants. It’s made from chemicals, by sick bastards.

    I’m shocked by the promotion of this terrible drug on this website. You want to get Czech Neck? Hmmm? do you?

  5. I think someone’s slipped me some of this cake. I don’t think I’ve got the novovirus at all.

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