Lancashire sign VVS Laxman

VVS Laxman - now with red rose!VVS Laxman is a great player who doesn’t play one-day internationals or Twenty20 internationals. He’s been at Lancashire before and done extremely well and everyone like him.

Good signing.

It also bolsters Lancashire’s batting, which needs a little bit of enbolsterment right now. Hopefully the enbolstery brought by Laxman will spur his fellow batsmen into great feats of bolsteration as well.

This sort of talk presumably formed the basis of the contract talks.

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10 Appeals

  1. I thought the caption said “now with red nose” at first – was wondering if VVS had some sort of secret battle with alcoholism.

  2. Enbolsterment is another of those unreal composite words that induces megangerfication in some quarters.

  3. Very Very Special is a good signing. Any chance Mendis might make it across.

    I know there is some buzz surrounding him.

  4. Pleased to see that now Lancs have debolstered their team of old crumblies Law and Cork they are re-embolstering with young whippersnapper Laxman

  5. Overseas players don’t count. You only ever have them for a season or so anyway.

    The older the better. Lancs should really have made a move for David Boon.

  6. Bumble’s another option for Lancashire – he’s back playing again and they wouldn’t have to pay any of that re-location gubbins.

  7. in all this debate about lancs’ batting woes, near-relegation, no meaningful trophy since 1999 etc; how on earth does Mike Watkinson escape general opprobium-and the boot?

  8. King Cricket

    October 25, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Probably just because it’s cricket and not football.

    People in county cricket tend towards ‘do it right next time’ rather than ‘someone else can do better’.

  9. hi laxman.. god bless y .nd family .. laxman.. sachin .. rahul as well as great dada .. all four of proud of asia..
    yr cricket is my life diary always .. i wrote every day..
    keep going laxman.. y r also a great human being in cricket..
    dwarika prasad

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